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The Childrens Heart Surgery Fund
The Childrens Heart Surgery Fund

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My husband Alix is running 2 ultra-Marathon events this year. 1 is a through the night race over 8 hours coming up on the 11th March and the other is a 40 mile run from Coulsdon to Aldershot in June.


You may have seen him running around recently as he will try to cover 80-90 miles a week mainly on his own all in aid of a cause close to our hearts.
It is the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.
The reason is as follows. . .


I went to school with Isabella’s mother and we have followed her story from the start. Isabella is the same age as my daughter and by the looks of things just as much of a little pickle. The difference is Isabella was born with a poorly heart (hypo-plastic right heart). Within days of being born she underwent open heart surgery. Since then she has had to have 4 more open heart procedures and also suffered a stroke mid-way through last year. She has spent countless nights in hospital hundreds of blood tests and is still using a tube for feeding. I can only imagine the strain, heartache and emotion that the whole family has gone through yet they are so strong.

Isabella and her family regularly visit Leeds General Infirmary and hand out gifts and support to the children on the ward- where she too was treated and is still being treated today. Isabella still has journey ahead but she has conquered so much so far she will continue to fight and have a wonderful future with a wonderful family.

He is raising money to help the charity that has supported her from the start. For him it is a huge challenge and one that he is having to train very hard for but with her at the back of my mind it somehow feels easier.

Please take a look at both his Instagram page and Isabella’s Instagram page.

Together they have raised over £2,400 and would love more publicity to raise money further. If you would like to run a piece on the story we would be forever grateful and the family would be too. If you would need any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please mention the website
when replying to our advert.
  Billie Ramsier
You are here:
YOUR COMMUNITY » Events » Fundraising Events

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